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Team Captains

Team Captains Are The Best!

Year after year, we're amazed at the leadership shown by 100's of team captains across the country who rally their friends and family to register, fundraise and ride/walk with them.

Like Jean-Luc Picard, Team Captains play a vital role in the RIDE. Whether you are already signed up or considering taking the plunge here are some tips and tools to help you in your role.

Team Captain Duties

  • Register online here, create and name your team.
  • Recruit other team members with a minimum goal of getting 7 - 8 or more friends to register, fundraise and participate with you. Note: there are no minimum team sizes but, you know - what's a team if not more than one, right?
  • Raise money yourself and make it clear to your team members that you expect them to raise money too.
  • Rally your team through-out the campaign to keep recruiting and fundraising and keep them together and organized especially on event day.
  • Remember to (a) have fun (b) don't take yourself too seriously but (c) lead intentionally (d) be their biggest cheer leader and (e) follow-up after the event with thank you's and getting all the money you raised collected.
Advanced Team Captain Info

Choosing Your Charity

During the Registration process, Team Captains select the option to "Start a Team" to participate in the RIDE.

Once this option is selected, the Captain has the exclusive privilege of selecting the charity they'd like their team to walk and raise money for. Normally you have already been recruited by a partner charity in the town you live so it's pretty straight forward. But if not we've got tons of choices.

TIP: As you recruit people to your team, make sure you share with them the reasons you selected the charity you did. That will help them in their own campaign and focus your team as they fundraise, too.

Recruiting Is Job #2 (but do it first)

The more team members you recruit, inspire and get engaged the more money you'll raise for the charity you selected. So, think about who you want to invite to join you on WALK Day. Who could you invite to join your team?

What about your...

  • Spouse/partner? Of course they'll join your team. Tell them it's a date - then surprise them with the news they're about to spend it with hundreds of other sweaty people - they'll never forget the moment you asked...
  • (Kids)) Why not right? What a learning opportunity. The issues of the displaced, vulnerable and exploited are so important - what a great way for them to learn.
  • Siblings You've got a couple on your nice list right? Great - now put them on your recruitment list.
  • Mom or Dad? Before you were born they used to have a life and did stuff, and had fun - and stuff - so ask them)
  • Work people Yeah, that's a term. All week long they keep thinking how wonderful you are - you might as well invite them onto your team and prove their assumptions correct!
  • Neighbour's? You shovelled their driveway all last winter - they kind of owe you - invite them)
  • Friends? Exactly - they'd love to join you because you're the most bestest bestee for life friend in the whole wide world.
  • Boss? She'd be soooo impressed but then even more impressed when she finds out you didn't invite her to impress her...
  • Pastor Tell them they can wear their vestments on the walk, if they want.
  • Classmates? Save them from a Saturday of Netflix binging and help them do something fun and meaningful.
  • Church or small group These folks are great fun and might love to ride or walk for a few hours on a Saturday. Tell them it's a potluck though - church people LOVE potlucks.
  • Pilates instructor, yoga friend, the guy beside you on the bus every morning (Joe something), your favourite barista at SBUX who always remembers your soy, your accountant, your lawyer (our causes are a matter of justice - they should be all over it), your doctor, dentist, or do-gooder-friend-at-the-club-who-is-always-helping-somebody - the list is endless. Enjoy the brainstorming.

Fundraising is Job #1 (besides having fun)

We can't stress this enough - the Ride for Refuge is a fundraiser. Keep that gracefully but intentionally in front of your team mates at every step of the campaign

Celebrate key milestones like at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of goal. Lead the way with your own fundraising campaign. Reach out to struggling team members and give them a hug, boost, kick or kiss - whatever it takes to get them on track. Share the great (and hilarious) fundraising training videos with your whole team and be sure to share the fundraising campaign ideas - they are excellent.

Captains Are Always The Biggest Cheerleaders

Team Captains are the secret sauce in team chemistry

Celebrate the small victories and big milestones your team accomplishes. Reach out to your team when a new member joins, or when you reach your fundraising goal, or when a teammate brings in a big donation (or their first donation!) We offer a variety of tools to allow Captains to update and prompt their teammates to fundraise and recruit others.

Try these:

  • Using the email system in the fundraising portal (the FundHub) under Team>Email Team, send a message to your whole team to tell them about any new members, milestones reached, or weekly goals.
  • Send individual messages to teammates by viewing their public fundraising pages and using the Message Board at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you know your teammates well, use other means to encourage them as well - use Facebook, email, text, or sit down with a mug of hot cocoa and chat face-to-face. It's all good.

Be A Wise Guy (or girl)

Your teammates will have some questions about event day, what to do with cash or cheque pledges, or how to ask donors to give online.

Be prepared because they'll ask you first. So familiarize yourself with the online Fundraising Hub, the website fundraising tools area, and the FAQ. Your teammates will be comforted to know that you've got things covered, and you might learn something new about the RIDE, too!

Be There On Event Day

After all the work you've done make sure you finish strong on RIDE day

Some important reminders for you:

  • Communicate where everyone will meet - don't let people get lost among the crowd.
  • Remind everyone to get their cash and cheque pledges entered into the online system on Friday at latest - the sooner the better actually since it encourages everyone to see the thermometer going up, up, up...
  • Gather your team together for a team selfie or group shot - capture the moment before you ride or walk and if you dare, after the event too. Both will be memorable keep sake shots
  • Follow-up with one or two final email or text message blasts be certain to thank each of them personally for their efforts.

No, really. Team Captains create their team online, recruit other people to walk on their team, encourage team members in their fundraising efforts, and are the first line of communication if one of their teammates has questions or needs help. They are recruiters and cheerleaders, and that's a pretty awesome role.

Team Captains
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